Grid box pockets - a must-have for every warehouse

Grid box pocketsGrid box pockets are perfect for quick labellings in the warehouse and for attaching shipping documents to a grid box. They should not be left out of any business equipment because they help optimizing the work process in your enterprise. The PVC- pockets are available in different designs, colours and formats. If you order multiple pockets in the Toni Weber GmbH online shop, you will receive an attractive volume discount.


View now the different types of grid box pockets. If you do not find the version you are looking for, please contact us. Together we will design the plastic pocket according to your individual ideas - just give us a call!




What is a grid box pocket and which versions are available?

The grid box pocket is a pouch made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Due to its special construction, it can easily be attached to a lattice box pallet.


There are various types of grid box pockets with different fastenings. You can select from pockets that can be attached via wire hangers, neodymium magnets or suspension loops. In the following we will show you how the individual versions differ.


Wire hanger pockets

The wire hanger pockets are specific labelling pockets which can be directly attached with their wire hangers to the mesh box. This feature is very useful and it allows you to bend the hangers as you wish to tailor the pocket to your individual needs.


You have the following options:


  • format DIN A6, DIN A5 or DIN A4 (landscape or portrait)
  • transparent or coloured
  • with clamping slot or lug
  • with flexible wire bracket or space-saving 90-degree hanger


 Grid box Wire hanger pockets A6Grid box Wire hanger pockets A5Grid box pockets Drahtbuegel A4Grid box pockets Drahtbuegel 90 Grad A5

Neodymium magnetic pockets

If you are looking for a magnetic attachment, then the neodymium magnetic pockets are just right for you. The strong magnets ensure a secure fastening of the document pockets.


We have the following models in our range:


  • format DIN A6, DIN A5 or DIN A4 (landscape or portrait)
  • transparent or in a special colour
  • with opening on the broad side
  • with flap on request
  • with welded-in neodymium magnet


Grid box magnetic pockets  A5Grid box magnetic pockets A4 Grid box magnetic pockets A6

Suspension pockets

The handy suspension pockets are an additional option. The pockets have been specially developed and designed for the attachment to Euro grid boxes. The distance between the clips is perfectly sized so you can easily attach and remove the pockets in order to label goods with e.g. tags.


By default, you can choose between the following types:


  • format DIN A6, DIN A5 or DIN A4 (landscape or portrait)
  • with transparent film
  • with opening at the top
  • optionally with flap
  • with suspension loops


 Grid box suspension pocketsGitterboxtaschen LaschenGrid box suspension pockets

How to use the grid box pockets in the company

The PVC pockets are primarily used to mark labels when storing and shipping goods and within intralogistics. You can, for example, attach delivery notes or smaller tools directly to the shelves and grid boxes.


In addition, it is also possible to use the products for other purposes, such as office organization or showing prices and references. Not only are the grid box pockets essential in the storage, they are also great for e.g. displaying the prices of your products on the sales floor.  


All benefits at a glance

It is worth ordering the grid box pockets for your company, because this way you benefit from the following advantages:

  • You will exclusively receive the highest quality.
  • The pockets can be used in many ways. They are an absolute must-have, especially in the warehouse.
  • It is up to you how your pocket looks like. You can even have your individual pocket custom-made, if required.
  • All pockets can be attached easily and documents and tools can be exchanged quickly.
  • We offer attractive bulk prices if you opt for a larger quantity.
  • Benefit from a fast dispatch of our goods. 


Quality by Toni Weber pays off

The plastic pockets from Toni Weber are of superior quality. All products are made in Germany and are REACH-compliant. We exclusively use the best and most durable foils for the grid box pockets so you will benefit from a long-lasting product.


Custom-made grid box pockets

It is worth mentioning that we not only offer standard products but we can also provide you with pockets according to your own ideas. As soon as you order a custom-made product from Toni Weber, you will receive comprehensive advice at eye level and can have the pockets designed to your individual needs.


No matter which colour or size you envision: Together we will find the perfect product for you. Take the opportunity and contact us today to have your individual grid box pockets designed.


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