Sliding zipper pocket

Front foil: 180 µ soft PVC
Open side: Broadside
Outer dimensions: 230 x 170 mm
Rear foil: 180 µ soft PVC
Speciality: Sliding zipper
max. Insertion size: 210 x 148 mm
pieces From €1.39*
Quantity Unit price Discount per unit
From 100 €2.11*
From 200 €1.90* €0.21
From 300 €1.73* €0.38
From 500 €1.52* €0.59
From 1000 €1.44* €0.67
From 2000 €1.39* €0.72
Product number: TW10011
Product information "Sliding zipper pocket"

Pockets with sliding zippers – smart little helpers for workshops and offices

In the daily work routine of workshops and offices, sliding zipper pockets of high-quality are considered to be smart little helpers. They are useful to conveniently store not only documents and papers, but also small parts of any kind. Browse now in our online shop for the premium document pockets with sliding zippers and purchase them at a fair price.

What is a sliding zipper pocket and which versions are available?

Pockets with sliding zippers are plastic pockets which can be entirely closed with a zipper. Thanks to the transparent front foil, the content of the pocket is visible. Their application in daily business is very flexible - indoors and outdoors when travelling, for instance.

As a standard, the transparent pockets are available in DIN A4 and A5 landscape. Should the standard version not meet your purpose, you can commission a custom-made product and thus have a PVC pocket designed according to your individual requirements. The minimum order quantity for a customized product starts at 300 items.

Field of application – how to use the pockets in the operation

The sliding zipper pockets can be applied in many different ways. Since they are primarily made to store papers and small parts, they contribute significantly to the tidiness in offices and workshops. Moreover, they can be utilized in the field service, e.g. as a messenger bag or as a safe storage for travel documents.

For labelling goods or making a delivery ready for shipment, the zipper pockets can also be used in the areas of storage and logistics. The sliding zipper pockets contribute to the safety and tidiness in your business. They prevent small parts from lying around and causing injuries and make sure that important papers of residential and business partners do not get lost.

Your benefits at a glance

The pockets with sliding zippers offer your enterprise many benefits. The key advantages at a glance:

  • All sliding zipper pockets can easily be closed and reopened to quickly store documents and small parts in them. They are fast at hand again.
  • You can use the robust PVC pockets on a long-term basis because they are reusable and thus contribute to sustainability.
  • The sliding zipper pockets protect documents of all kinds from dirt and moisture which makes them the perfect travel buddy.

Toni Weber stands for plastic pockets of high quality

As a manufacturer, the Toni Weber GmbH strives for the highest standards to provide you with products of premium quality. All plastic pockets are made in Germany and fulfill the REACH requirements.

The sliding zipper pockets are characterized by strong and durable foils and a sturdy metal glider to close them. Due to these features, the PVC pockets can flexibly be applied in your business on a long-term basis. Toni Weber has been standing for quality at a fair price since 1963 already.

Custom-made sliding zipper pockets

In your daily work you may face a situation in which standard products are not sufficient anymore. For such a scenario, we offer the chance of having the pockets manufactured according to your personal needs. You simply tell us what kind of plastic pocket equipped with a sliding zipper you are interested in - any colour, any size. We will be pleased to assist you in getting the best sliding zipper pockets for your business. Just call us or use the contact form.