Warehouse labelling made easy

– With products from Toni Weber
A premium warehouse labelling ensures the labelling of any goods so they can easily be located in your business. The labels and signs are not only used in the storage and within logistics, they also help to safely transport accompanying documents and delivery notes. Toni Weber offers a wide variety of pockets for labelling shelves and organizing storages. As a Germany-based manufacturer, we not only focus on standard products but also on individual solutions for our customers.

Take a look at our quality products for warehouse labelling.

transparent shipping pockets

Content: 1 Stück (€26.00* / 100 Stück)

From €0.18*
Workshop pocket

Content: 1 Stück (€30.00* / 100 Stück)

From €0.17*

High-quality labellings for organizing your warehouse

A proper organization is particularly important in warehouses and in logistics, in order to find the products quickly and transport them to the desired location. Regardless of whether you want to optimize internal or external work processes: By using high-quality labeling, you support your warehouse technology.

Pallets, shelves and entire storage spaces can be labelled with our warehouse identification system. Sleeves and pockets from Toni Weber are special because they protect documents really well when being transported. Thanks to specific pockets, even dirt or rain cannot harm the documents, and this is the reason why you should definitely have these products in your company equipment.

Warehouse identification for your company - our products at a glance

To give you a great spectrum of labelling variations, we offer many different organizational tools for your warehouse identification. Some products are self-adhesive, whereas others can be attached magnetically or with a wire hanger.

These are the versions available in our shop:

  • Self-adhesive pockets
  • Pockets for grid boxes equipped with clips, magnets, or wires
  • Self-adhesive plastic pockets
  • Pockets made of rigid plastic
  • Label pockets, also in magnetic version
  • Shelf pockets, magnetic or self-adhesive
  • Warehouse pockets, self-adhesive or magnetic
  • Pockets with wire hangers
  • Self-adhesive warehouse pockets
  • Label pockets
  • Barcode pockets
  • Clamp pockets
  • Shipping envelopes
  • Pockets for delivery notes
  • Kanban pockets
  • Pockets for move tickets
  • Sleeves and pockets for freight documents
  • Suspension pockets

We not only offer standard products directly available in our online shop, but also custom-made products, which are designed according to your individual needs so you can label the goods individually when storing and shipping them.

Pockets and sleeves from Toni Weber - your advantages

Whether you select storage signs or label holders: We provide you with any kind of warehouse labelling in the best quality. Purchase pockets and sleeves and benefit as follows:

  • All products are reusable and are hence particularly sustainable.
  • Thanks to our large selection and the customized manufacturing, you will find exactly the product that suits your business.
  • Certain products protect your papers from dirt and moisture for a smooth transport or storage - both indoors and outdoors.

Toni Weber stands for quality in the field of warehouse labelling

You can rely on the fact that we provide you with products in the best quality to meet your requirements. This is due to the fact that we have been in the business of plastic film processing since 1963 and have earned a reputation across all industries with our products - all "Made in Germany".

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Since the satisfaction of our customers is very important to us, we gladly assist you and offer you creative designs. Call us now or use the contact form to get in touch with one of our competent team members.

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As a manufacturer, we design all our warehouse labelling pockets and sleeves ourselves. Besides offering standard products, we also incorporate your wishes into our planning process.

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Our products are exclusively made in Germany using state-of-the-art techniques in a traditional manufacturing process. This way you not only receive premium quality but also benefit from short delivery times.


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Custom-made products for your requirements

We put great emphasis on our custom-made products. If you require a warehouse labelling product which cannot be realized with a standard product, we gladly advise you. We will find the best solution with you and manufacture products that are tailored to your company´s needs - no matter which size, material or colour. We are your first port of call when it comes to customized warehouse labelling products.

Custom-made products