Magnetic pockets – easy and quick attachment in the warehouse

Magnetic pockets help you to easily label your inventory to keep track of your goods in the warehouse and during the production process. Whether equipped with neodymium or stripe magnets: The pockets are high-quality products and can be used flexibly in the company.

Discover now our wide selection of magnetic pockets at fair prices.

What is a magnetic pocket and which versions are available?

Magnetic pockets are pockets made of plastic equipped with a magnet on the upper side. You can put important papers in the pocket and attach it to a magnetic adhesive surface such as a metal transport and storage container.

The PVC pockets are available in two design: equipped either with neodymium magnets or magnetic stripes :

Neodymium magnetic pockets for a strong hold

Are you looking for a pocket with strong adhesive force? Then the neodymium magnetic pockets are exactly what you need. On the top, they are equipped with two welded-in neodymium magnets which are known for their safe grip. Even after using them for a long time, there will be no loss of force.

In our online shop you can purchase pockets with and without flaps in DIN A5 and DIN A4 landscape or portrait and in DIN A6 landscape. The rear foil comes in blue, red, yellow, green, grey or transparent. With the different colours you can create a nice signalling effect.


Magnetic stripe pockets as an economical alternative

In case you want a more cost-efficient alternative, the magnetic stripe pockets are worth considering. They are equipped with a magnetic stripe on the back and can also be easily attached and if necessary, quickly be removed without leaving any residues.

We offer the plastic pockets as a standard in DIN A5 and A4 landscape or portrait as well as DIN A6 landscape. You have the choice between blue, red, yellow, and green. With the different colours you can implement a colour coding system in your enterprise.


Field of application: How to use the magnetic pockets in the operation

Due to their flexibility in application, the magnetic pockets should be part of the basic company equipment in industry and trade. Shipping to a private or business customer or labelling in the storage - the PVC pockets allow you to attach documents of any kind quickly and safely.

Whereas the magnetic stripe pockets can be attached primarily to smooth and magnetic surfaces such as magnetic boards, metal containers and shelves, the neodymium magnetic pocket can additionally be installed on steel beams, grid boxed, metal walls, and metallic machine components, transport containers and trolleys.

Both versions of magnetic pockets can be applied in different corporate areas such as storage, workshop, logistics, production, and for the whole flow of goods as well as for labelling in show- and training rooms. Since the magnetic stripe pockets are ideal for indoor use, they are often utilized for office organization. However, the neodymium magnets are stronger and are also appropriate for outdoor use such as shipping of goods.

Fast adhering pockets - benefits for your enterprise

Both versions of the plastic pockets with magnetic force have numerous advantages to support you in your work routine. Although the neodymium magnetic pocket is known for its particularly strong hold and the magnetic stripe pocket for its low price, they do have certain advantages in common:

  • You can easily attach the PVC pockets on all metallic containers, shelves and packaging and remove them again without any residues.
  • The document pockets can be reused effortlessly and contribute to sustainability.
  • All pockets protect your documents from dirt. The version equipped with a flap also additionally protects against moisture.
  • Thanks to the coloured back, you can use the plastic pockets flexibly in the operation and, for example, implement a colour coding system or generate any other signalling effect with this feature.

Toni Weber GmbH – Quality pays off

As a manufacturer, Toni Weber GmbH has already worked in the industry of plastic film processing since 1963 and has always offered premium quality. All products are "Made in Germany" and convince with their strong and hard-wearing foils. Moreover, the magnetic pockets are REACH-compliant and comply with the European Chemicals Regulation.

Request custom-made products and implement own wishes

Sometimes the magnetic pockets in the standard version do not meet the requirements. To make sure that your company can still profit from individual pockets in special designs, you can also order custom-made products from us. You select the size, format, and colour – regardless of whether in the neodymium magnetic or magnetic stripe version. Enquire now about your individually designed magnetic pockets and we will gladly supply you with an offer.


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