What makes Toni Weber
so special.

Toni Weber stands for premium plastic pockets, foils, and sleeves. As a manufacturer, we exclusively produce in Germany - both the standard and the custom-made products.

Due to the local production, we can ensure high-quality in a short time – which is very beneficial for our customers. We offer you a comprehensive consultation on our whole product range from wire hanger- and magnetic pockets to custom-made products.

You can be sure that the Toni Weber team is highly committed to the company, the products and of course to our customers.

icon Consulting


Our advice is professional and free of charge in order to provide you with exactly the PVC pocket that meets your current needs. We always act at eye level and take the wishes of our customers seriously for the best possible solutions.

icon Planning


Together with you, we plan the plastic pockets that will be beneficial to your business. You can obtain larger as well as smaller quantities from us. From the beginning of the planning process, your ideas are taken into account and are implemented with great care by our team.

icon Production


The production takes place 100 % in Germany and is characterized by the highest level of quality. We only offer products that we manufacture ourselves. Modern machines and techniques are used in a traditional production process.

Toni Weber GmbH: Many decades of quality

Toni Weber has worked in the plastic processing industry since 1963 and offers magnetic and wire hanger pockets in the first place. For more than 20 years, we have been dealing with custom-made products to fulfill the special wishes of our customers.

As an internationally operating family business, we listen carefully to the needs of our customers. This is evident not only in our competent advice, but also in the creative implementation of desired solutions.

To us, it is extremely important to only implement products that meet our premium quality standards and those of our customers. In this respect, we are considered to be straightforward, consistent, and transparent, so you always know exactly which result you can expect.

High appriciation and and great enthusiasm

Our team is passionate about their work. We always focus on the value of the product, from planning and production to packaging and shipping. We really feel strongly about this, because in the end, it benefits our customers.

Due to our passion for plastic film processing, we are flexible in the composition of products and can offer you premium quality at a fair price. We are always guided by the wishes of our customers, which is why we can supply both smaller companies and large industry companies with our custom-made PVC foils.

We focus on the people

No matter what kind of plastic pockets and sleeves it is about: we diligently work and advise you on all aspects of the manufacturing process. Because for us, the person is the centre of attention. When talking to our employees, you can clearly feel this.

Together with you we will find the best solution for you and your company. A friendly and humorous exchange with our customers is important to us. Our kangaroo samples are the best example for our attitude.

Benefit as well from our premium products and our comprehensive consultation - we are looking forward to meeting you!