Toni Weber.
Pockets and sleeves with tradition.

Toni Weber GmbH has worked in the plastic pocket industry since 1963. In the beginning, Toni Weber manufactured products for office supplies such as transparent plastic folders or registers, whereas today the company mainly produces articles for labelling warehouses and logistics. We primarily focus on wire hanger pockets and magnetic pockets.

Over the years, the product range has constantly changed to adapt to market changes. The resulting changes made it necessary to build a new, modern production facility. In mid-2008, we moved to our new premises in the industrial park in Saarbrücken-Bübingen.

By moving to the new plant, we were able to significantly enlarge our warehouse. Here we have many standard items ready for you.

Right from the start, we have paid great attention to customer-specific articles manufactured according to your needs. We have aligned our machinery to flexible manufacturing options and can therefore react quickly to many of your wishes.


Toni Weber manufactures office supplies

There are no computers in the offices yet, so you need a lot of classification systems like file folders, registers and portfolios. These organizational aids are made of plastic or cardboard. When required, the articles are printed in the screen printing room.


Purchase of a fully automatic machine

In the mid-1970s, a fully automatic machine for the production of transparent plastic folders made of PP (polypropylene) expandeds the machinery. This fully automatic machine is one of the first in Germany. In two shifts approx. 40,000 transparent plastic folders in DIN A4 and DIN A5 are manufactured per day and sold nationwide.


Realignment of the products

Instead of relying on standard items, the company now focuses on custom-made products and produces customized sleeves, binders, cases and bank items made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which can also be printed on, if required.


A new business division is added

Along with the digitalization, the need for articles to organize work in offices decreases. Toni Weber GmbH turns to warehouse logistics. The product range is expanded by items such as: wire hanger pockets, sliding zipper pockets, workshop pockets for storage- and shipment labelling, pockets for organizing the flow of goods. The high-quality plastic sleeves and document pockets are manufactured in many sizes and colours.


Relocation to a new production site

The already expanded production hall at the old location soon becomes too small and a new facility has to be built. The relocation takes place in summer 2008.


Implementation of a web shop

An online shop is set up as part of the redesigned company website. This enables the customers to conveniently order products for warehouse and transport labelling online.