Premium document pockets for a flexible use in the corporation

Within a corporation, document pockets can be used in many ways. Their main task is to keep your papers and documents clean. You can also store keys, screws and other small parts in the pockets. Toni Weber GmbH offers a large selection of premium PVC pockets, which you can order online at a reasonable price. If the wide range of standard products does not offer what you are looking for, you can opt for pockets according to your personal wishes.



Product overview

Discover now the wide range of high-quality pockets and benefit from our attractive scaled prices.


Self-adhesive pockets Self-adhesive pockets reinforced Self-adhesive pockets grey Pockets with zipper A4 + A5 Transparent pockets A4 with key compartment Workshop pockets

What are document pockets and which models are available?

The document pockets are plastic bags made for storing documents of any kind. The products are available in various formats, colours, and designs. On request, they are equipped with a slide fastener or they come in a self-adhesive version.

You can use the PVC pockets in the office, workshop and warehouse, as they are very useful to stow papers and many small parts safely away. Hereafter, you can see the different types of pockets to make sure that you find exactly the version that meets your needs.


Pockets with zipper

If you opt for the document pockets equipped with a functional slide fastener, you will benefit in many ways. The closable pocket is often used as a zipper pocket or ziplock bag and is very versatile in daily life. The document pocket is also used for organizational purposes in the office and for storing small parts like tools.

The closable document pocket is not only used for repair and workshop orders, but also as a vehicle pouch in car dealerships or as a protective pocket for papers of any type. You can also use the zipper pocket as an in-house carrier bag for documents.

Whether for workshops or office supplies: The zipper pockets are easy to use and can safely store a wide variety of documents. It is a good idea to order the pockets with ziplock fastener in large quantities, to always have them at hand.


Here are the different types of zipper pockets:


  • DIN A5 or A4 format (landscape)
  • Transparent
  • Equipped with zipper


Pockets with zipper A4 + A5

Self-adhesive document pockets

To facilitate the attachment of documents, many companies use self-adhesive pockets. Thus, you can insert papers into the PVC foil and then attach them to anything like containers, shelves, plastic boxes, pallets, switch cabinets, and machines.

You can also use self-adhesive document pockets for your Kanban system or price labelling. In addition, adhesive pockets are ideally suited as shipping pockets, pockets for delivery notes, and carrier bags. This is particularly handy, since you can constantly keep an eye on accompanying documents, invoices, and delivery notes due to the transparency and adhesiveness. They are frequently used for packaging and alike.


These versions of the self-adhesive pockets are available:


  • DIN A6, A5, A4 format (portrait / landscape)
  • Reinforced version
  • Colours: grey and transparent
  • Front foil optionally half or full height
  • Self-adhesive rear


Self-adhesive pockets Self-adhesive pockets reinforced Self-adhesive pockets grey

Document pocket with key compartment

Especially in car dealerships, workshops, and car rentals, document pockets with key compartments are applied. The covers have a special compartment with a VELCRO© fastener for storing vehicle documents and keys. You can also use the document pocket as a vehicle pouch to put repair orders and small parts in.

Although mostly used in the automotive sector, you can use your PVC pocket for documents and keys of any kind. It is up to you in the end whether you want to use the VELCRO© pocket to keep vehicle documents safe or if you want to commission the pouch for organizing your office respectively warehouse.


The document pocket with key compartment is available in these versions:


  • DIN A4 format
  • Colour: transparent
  • Welded key compartment including flap and VELCRO© astener
  • Top and side open


Document pocket with key compartment

Document pockets with suspension eyelet

The document pocket with suspension eyelet is used in workshops, warehouses, and sales rooms. In these settings, the document cover with flap is mainly used for repair orders and price labelling, but the PVC pocket is also perfect for warehouse labelling and shelf labelling.

Due to the eyelet, the pocket can easily be hung up anywhere you like. Thanks to the versatile application possibilities, it pays off to buy the visible cover with eyelet and flap.


The document pocket is available in different versions:


  • DIN A6, DIN A5, and DIN A4 (portrait)
  • Narrow side open
  • Suspension eyelet in the protrusion as a functional means of fastening


workshop pocket

Many application possibilities in your company

Depending on which type of pocket you select, there are various application possibilites available. While the pockets with a sliding fastener are particularly suitable for the office, the self-adhesive pockets are particularly popular in logistics. Cases with key compartment are usually used in car workshops and rental companies and PVC pockets with eyelets are popular in workshops and sales rooms.

Since each plastic sleeve can be used individually, it is up to you to decide where the pouches make most sense in your corporation. All of Toni Weber's plastic pockets have one thing in common: They are designed to facilitate your work, to ensure a more efficient workflow and to help you keeping control even in stressful situations.


Your benefits

Ordering the document pockets from Toni Weber is advantageous in many respects:

  • You definitely will be supplied with premium quality.
  • There are endless ways how to use the pockets in daily life – whether in the storage, workshop or office.
  • FACTORY OUTLET: This online shop enables an ex-works order.
  • Ordering larger quantities is very cost-effective.
  • All pockets are easy to attach and are long lasting products for repeated use.
  • If a standard product does not meet your needs, you can request a custom-made product any time.
  • The products are shipped quickly to your premises so they are ready to use in short time.


Made in Germany – The quality of Toni Weber

Toni Weber GmbH stands for products of premium quality. Regardless of which document pocket you select, all articles consist of durable and Reach-compliant foils and they are all made in Germany. There is really no reason to stop you from using the plastic pockets in the long run.


Order document pockets as custom-made products

Despite the large selection of standard products, it sometimes happens that your individual needs are not met. To not have you do without the premium PVC pockets, it is worth to opt for a customized product. We desig and manufacture the pockets according to your wishes. Simply contact us to benefit from our friendly and competent service.


High-quality document pockets are indispensable in many companies and facilitate organization and workflow. Order your robust plastic covers now at a reasonable price in our online shop.


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