transparent shipping pockets

Fastening: Rear side completely self-adhesive
Front foil: 140 µ soft PVC
Open side: Broadside, Short side
Outer dimensions: 115 x 150/155 mm, 155 x 110/115 mm, 160 x 210/215 mm, 215 x 150/155 mm, 220 x 300/310 mm, 310 x 215/220 mm
Rear foil: 100 µ self-adhesive soft PVC
max. Insertion size: 105 x 148 mm, 148 x 105 mm, 148 x 210 mm, 210 x 148 mm, 210 x 297 mm, 297 x 210 mm
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Product number: TW10035
Product information "transparent shipping pockets"

Premium shipping pockets: Transparent and self-adhesive for flexible use

Whether in the warehouse or in the delivery process: Shipping pockets can be used in many ways and should not be missing in any company. Thanks to their transparency, you can see at one glance which documents like delivery notes or shipping papers are stored in the pocket. Apart from that, the high-quality PVC pockets are self-adhesive and can easily be attached to all smooth surfaces.

At Toni Weber you always find the appropriate shipping pocket. If required, also as a custom-made product.


Shipping pockets in different versions

In order to find the plastic pocket that is best suitable for your purpose, it is worth comparing the individual types. We offer the following sizes:

  • Shipping pockets DIN C6: This pocket is perfect for documents in DIN A6..
  • Shipping pockets DIN C5: This document pocket is ideally suited for DIN A5 shipping papers.
  • Shipping pockets DIN C4: Shipping pockets DIN C4: Whether an invoice or a delivery note, many papers come in DIN A4 format. This pocket for delivery notes is the best for this purpose.

No matter which size you select, all formats are available in "portrait" and "landscape" mode. With your purchase in the online shop, you can select the matching version directly and order it ex- works.


Self-adhesive, transparent, and flexible shipping pockets in premium quality

Our transparent pockets all have a full-surface adhesive stripe on the back. This way, the self-adhesive shipping pockets can easily be attached to almost any surface.

While the rear foil consists of 100 μ self-adhesive soft PVC, the front foil is made of 140 μ soft PVC. In landscape format, the broad side is open whereas in portrait format the narrow side is open.

The products of Toni Weber are of highest quality and made in Germany. Besides that, the foils are REACH- compliant. The shipping pockets are available in transparent and self-adhesive designs and various packaging units can be offered. Purchasing large quantities saves you a lot of money.


Characteristic application areas in all industries

The high-quality plastic pockets can be used in many ways. Transparent shipping pockets are in demand because they directly show their content. For this reason, the pockets are often used in the warehouse and within logistics, since the visible delivery notes and shipping documents enable an easy delivery and storage – and the best protection, thanks to stable foils.

The shipping pockets in a self-adhesive design enable rapid attachment, which again accelerates the delivery process. There are also many other areas in which the plastic pockets can be used:

  • Storage and logistics
  • Workshops
  • Offices
  • Showrooms
  • Training rooms
  • Shop floors

As long as the surface is smooth and clean, the shipping pockets with transparent opening can be attached to almost anything:

  • Containers
  • Cabinets
  • Shelves
  • Boxes
  • Pallets
  • Machines
  • Cardboard boxes

The PVC pockets are very popular in B2B. However, they are also effective in B2C such as in shipping.


Individual customized products according to your wishes

You always find a wide selection of first-class offers at Toni Weber. If the right shipping pocket is not included, you can use our service and have a pocket made to your personal design. You are the one who decides not only what size and format the customized product should have, but also which film thickness and colour your product should be made of.

Order your self-adhesive and transparent shipping pocket in our online store now or opt for an individualized product.