Suspension pocket

Suspension pocket

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  • TW10010.4
  • 460 µ rigid PVC
  • 200 µ soft PVC
  • 320 x 150/225 mm
  • 310 x 210 mm
  • Broadside
  • 4 Loops
Suspension pockets for flexibility in use The high-quality suspension pockets by Toni... more
Product information on Suspension pocket

Suspension pockets for flexibility in use

The high-quality suspension pockets by Toni Weber can easily be attached to grid boxes, shelves, and containers. Other objects to fasten them on: shopping baskets, foldable plastic storage boxes, and transport boxes. This makes them perfect for use in warehouses and logistics as well as within production, shipping and the whole flow of goods.

Due to their solid design, the pockets with rigid foil protect the content from dirt and dampness. Inserting and removing the papers is as easy as being able to see and read the documents. Thanks to the transparent foil, they stay visible and help you to easily label all kinds of goods indoors as well as outdoors.

Plastic pockets for suspension in A6, A5 and A4

The suspension pockets come in three different formats, namely in A6, A5, and A4. You have the possibility to select between a pocket with or without a flap. An outstanding property of the pocket is that it is a reusable item that contributes to the sustainability in your business.

Toni Weber offers all products in the established quality standard „Made in Germany“. You only receive strong foils that are durable and REACH-compliant. The suspension loops are flexible in use and should not be missing in any plant equipment. Order now the premium suspension pockets and let our quality convince you!

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