Wire Hanger Pockets, Pockets with Neodymium-Magnets, Self-adhesive Pockets and a lot more supplied directly by the manufacturer

Pockets with neodymium-magnets, wire hanger pockets, or self-adhesive pockets: A large part of our product range has been designed for logistics and warehouse identification. We have been producing plastic pouches for almost 50 years now and during the last years we have specialized in producing magnetic pockets, self-adhesive pockets, and price labelling pockets, just to name a few.  

For organizing stock we produce pockets which can be adjusted to pallet cages and pockets for the safe keeping of shipping documents. Just like any other product we offer these pockets can also be customized. It doesn´t matter if it´s about a logo, a special colour, or a special form of folders and adhesive pockets, when it comes to pockets with wire hangers or zippers e.g., we offer individual solutions to our customers.