Our custom-made products for your daily business

Toni Weber offers standardized products which meet the requirements in all industries. Sometimes, however, one format is not sufficient for every situation – this is why we manufacture custom-made products to consider your requirements.

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Small or big pockets? This is up to you.

Sometimes situations occur which require special formats of our plastic pockets . In order to give you flexibility in arranging your work routine according to your own ideas, you decide how the custom-made pockets should look like – without any compromises.

For instance, you can select the size of the pocket: from especially large formats to very small ones. The largest sleeves can measure up to 770 x 590 millimetres from the roll or 600 x 500 millimetres from a blank. For the smalles formats, the size depends on your desired products. Our competent team gladly advises you in this matter.

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Numerous versions for your operation

To provide you with pockets for any situation, we offer the custom-made products in countless variations:

  • PVC pockets with special wire hangers, with a round suspension or with a 90 degree backward fastening
  • Sleeves that can be attached self-adhesively
  • Foils with several magnetic stripes or neodymium magnets
  • Plastic pockets with metal eyelets
  • Sleeves with welded round, long or Euro- holes in different sizes
  • Pockets with flaps that can be closed with a Velcro® fastener


We also offer special products like foils divided into many small pockets or book covers in various sizes, which are popular among our customers. In addition, there are presentation pockets with attached welded cases. Even if you need pockets for tricky surfaces like pipes, you can rely on us to find the best solution for you.

Custom-made products of premium quality

Coloured or transparent plastic films, strong soft or rigid hard PVC foils: You will always get the best quality from Toni Weber at a fair price. The high-quality processing is particularly beneficial to you and your business, as you can use all foils on a permant basis. They can be reused many times without any problems and thus differ significantly from the commercially available disposable thin products, which are no alternative for the industry.

The Toni Weber team not only advises you on the right foil, but we also use the latest technologies to make sure that your premium plastic pockets last as long as possible. Our PVC foils are 100% recyclable so you do not have to worry about sustainability after use.

Just like the standard products, our custom-made articles are also manufactured in Germany and we accompany you through the whole manufacturing process. At first we start with a consultation, then we´ll talk about the design of the product and finally the production process will be carried out. This way we make sure that you receive exactly the pockets you need. Use now the contact form below and enquire about your custom-made product.