Self-adhesive pocket reinforced

Fastening: Rear side completely self-adhesive
Front foil: 200 µ soft PVC
Open side: Broadside
Outer dimensions: 225 x 110/160 mm, 225 x 150/160 mm
Rear foil: 100 µ self-adhesive + 190 µ rigid PVC
Speciality: Cut-out grip
max. Insertion size: 215 x 148 mm
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Frontfoil height
Product number: TW10030
Product information "Self-adhesive pocket reinforced"

Our reinforced self-adhesive pockets protect your documents really well from dirt and dampness.

The full height pockets have a large cut-out grip in the front foil so the paper sheet can easily be inserted and removed.
The half-height pocket is perfect for scanning barcodes as there is no reflective film in front of the content.

Both self-adhesive pockets in A5 are characterized by an extremely strong rear foil made of rigid PVC- foil and a 200 µ front foil. The welding seams are very stable. At the open side of the pocket, there is a pull-out protection which makes the long-lasting products very durable.