Wire hanger pocket A5

Fastening: Spring steel hanger
Front foil: 140 µ soft PVC, 150 µ soft PVC green-transparent, 150 µ soft PVC red-transparent
Open side: Broadside, Short side
Outer dimensions: 220 x 220/230 mm, 225 x 225/320 mm, 280 x 157/180 mm, 280 x 160/270 mm
Rear foil: 150 µ soft PVC green transparent, 150 µ soft PVC red transparent, 180 µ soft PVC
max. Insertion size: 190 x 210 mm, 240 x 143 mm, 240 x 145 mm
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Product number: TW10029
Product information "Wire hanger pocket A5"

Important documents such as shipment papers and orders can be attached to goods with our wire hanger pockets in A5.

The hanger made of flexible and stainless spring steel is very versatile in use and can be attached safely. The pocket is particularly suitable for mesh boxes or similar containers and can quickly be replaced or moved.

Due to the robust and high-quality processing, our pockets are an affordable long-term alternative to similar products.