Wire hanger pockets A5 90° hanger

Aufhängung Höhe: 30 mm
Aufhängung Tiefe: 20 mm
Fastening: Spring steel hanger 90°
Front foil: 140 µ soft PVC
Open side: Broadside
Outer dimensions: 280 x 157/180 mm
Rear foil: 180 µ soft PVC
max. Insertion size: 240 x 143 mm
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Product number: TW10033
Product information "Wire hanger pockets A5 90° hanger"

Our A5 wire hanger pockets with 90° spring steel hangers can be easily attached to thick-walled containers with a wall thickness up to 19 mm as well as to mesh boxes and shelves. The spring steel hanger bent backwards at a 90° angle considerably reduces the total size of the pocket which makes it very space-saving.

Due to the two components this pocket is made of, first the tear-resistant foil and second the wire hanger made of stainless spring steel, this wire hanger pocket is very sturdy and last for a long time. The content can be easily replaced and always remains protected.

This pocket is best suitable on mesh boxes for DIN A5 documents. It can also be used for shelf labelling. With this product, you receive a robust and tear-resistant protective cover labelling your shelves. You can flexibly attach it as label pockets or label holders to shelves.