Hanging loop

Format: approx. 55 x 25 mm (H X W)
Material: Galvanised steel wire
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Product number: TW10037
Product information "Hanging loop"

Hanging loop for plastic pockets with suspension hole

The solid metal hook has the shape of a pear and is characterized by its robustness and form stability. It is made of galvanized steel wire and thus is stainless. By using the hanging loop, every Toni Weber plastic pocket that is equipped with a suspension hole, our workshop sleeve e.g., can be attached to mesh frames like mesh boxes or wire fences. The workshop sleeve is pulled onto the metal hook via the lug and can then be safely and durably fastened to the intended destination. The oval shape of the hook allows the plastic pocket enough clearance to view both the front and back of the suspended documents. To remove the hanging loop, simply pull the wire lug and remove the metal hook from the grid rack.

Hanging loop made of galvanized steel wire

In our plastic pockets, your documents are well protected from dirt and moisture. To attach them visibly in your storage or on the shopfloor, Toni Weber offers you robust metal hooks that can be pulled through the suspension hole of a plastic pocket and attached to a mesh box. The hanger loop is pear-shaped and made of galvanized steel wire. It is a reusable and thus a sustainable product. Due to the galvanized metal, the hanger loop is stainless and durable.

Accessory Items

Workshop pocket
Workshop pocket with welded suspension hole Our workshop pockets have a wide range of applications and can e.g. be attached to shopping baskets and containers to indicate the price. This explains why they are not only applied in workshops but also in sales rooms, on shop floors, and in shipping areas. Moreover, the pockets are utilized in the whole flow of goods and in business areas such as sales, storage, logistics - indoors as well as outdoors. Due to the flexible application, documents of any kind are well- protected against dirt and dampness. You can hang a workshop pocket up with the welded suspension hole which is positioned in the protrusion. This simple handling enables you to attach papers legibly almost anywhere. Greater sustainability thanks to reuse The pockets come in A6, A5, and A4. Depending on the quantity, we offer a large discount. Worth mentioning is that all PVC pockets are indelible and reusable so they contribute to sustainability when implemented in your company. Toni Weber exclusively processes REACH-compliant rigid foils made in Germany. On request, we also provide you with custom-made products which you can enquire about any time. Order now your workshop pockets and benefit from their flexible application!

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