Pockets with wire hangers


Pockets with Wire Hangers
Standard Pockets

Wire hanger pockets with welded-in hangers made of spring steel

Offers flexible and versatile usage

Our wire hanger pockets in DIN A4 and DIN A5 landscape or portrait format come from stock. They can optionally be equipped with a flap.

Our standard product range is also available in the format DIN A6. The pockets in landscape format can be equipped with a flap. 

We offer you the wire hanger pocket you really need. 

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Pockets with Wire Hangers
Customized Pockets

How about a customized hanger? Or maybe in a different colour? No problem at all!

Do you need a wire-hanger pocket for special purposes? Just as you wish! Together with you, we will develop the pocket that best suits your needs. Unique functionality is guaranteed.

A specific suspension? A welded window for your barcode scanner? A particular fastener? Together with you, we develop the wire hanger pocket according to your demand. Often starting with a minimum order quantity of 1,000 pieces.

The prices of these articles are available on request. We gladly provide you with your individual offer. 

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Price list Wire Hanger Pockets

Design VersionFormatColourItem No.1002004006001,0002,000
DIN A6 landscapewith flap195 x 125/185 mmtransparent86231.401.
DIN A6 landscapeno flap195 x 125/135 mmtransparent86221.351.051.000.950.820.74
DIN A5 landscapewith flap280 x 160/270 mmtransparent85220.990.830.780.650.590.53
DIN A5 landscape

no flap

280 x 160/180 mmtransparent85230.950.780.740.610.560.51
DIN A5 landscapewith flap280 x 160/270 mmred85261.351.090.990.940.850.74
DIN A5 landscapewith flap280 x 160/270 mmgreen85271.351.090.990.940.850.74
DIN A5 portraitwith flap220 x 225/320 mmtransparent85251.591.
DIN A5 portraitno flap 220 x 225/230 mmtransparent85241.541.
DIN A4 landscapewith flap330 x 215/325 mmtransparent84231.591.491.451.361.281.19
DIN A4 landscapeno flap330 x 220/245 mmtransparent84221.491.391.351.261.181.09
DIN A4 portraitwith flap280 x 320/447 mmtransparent84241.591.491.451.361.281.19
DIN A4 portraitno flap280 x 315/325 mmtransparent84251.491.391.351.261.181.09

All prices are quoted in EUR per item excluding VAT.

Delivery within Germany is without charge.


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